Reasons Not To Install A Water Heater Yourself

When you need a new water heater, you may think you can install the unit on your own. There are several reasons why it's best to hire a professional to install your water heater for you. Here are reasons why you should not install a water heater yourself. You might buy the wrong size of water heater If you buy a water heater that is too small to meet your family's needs, you'll end up with a unit that may not supply enough hot water to sufficiently meet your daily needs. [Read More]

Is Your Plumbing System Overtaxed?

The plumbing system is, perhaps, the hardest working system in a modern household. Unfortunately, this system is not immune to trouble. Although there are many issues that may arise due to routine wear and tear, many of the issues that plague modern plumbing systems arise from overtaxing of these systems. A plumbing system can become overtaxed if it's handling more water than it was designed to handle or if it's made to handle the wrong kind of material. [Read More]

3 Warning Signs Of Water Heater Failure

All appliances and systems fail over time, due to a combination of general stress and age, and water heaters are no exception. However, a water heater that no longer functions efficiently, or even at all, can cause a whole host of complications to your other water using appliances and fixtures. This can cause a great deal of disruption to your everyday life. Fortunately, there are a handful of warning signs associated with an ailing water heater that you need to look for to determine when you should replace the unit, and avoid all the headaches associated with waiting too long to do so. [Read More]

How Whole Home Water Softening Works

Does your home have hard water? If so, you may be considering a water softening system to remove the ions in the water to make it softer. Here is what you need to know about how the system works. What is Hard Water The reason hard water exists is due to certain ions being present in the water source, such as magnesium and calcium. Where there are a lot of those ions within the water, it causes problems with the water in your home, such as soap scum formation in your bathtub and sink. [Read More]