3 Reasons Why You Should Schedule Routine Septic Tank Cleaning

Do you have a septic system? If so, it is crucial that it undergo regular maintenance and inspections so that any potential issues are uncovered before they become bigger issues and cause damage that can be expensive to repair. As a general rule, septic tank cleaning needs to be performed every three to five years; however, depending on your household needs, it could need to be done more frequently. This particular procedure is essential and helps to remove the buildup of scum and sludge in the septic tank, creating more room in the tank for waste from the home. [Read More]

Compliance: Are These Signs Of A Bad Sewer Lateral Line?

In order for you and your home to be compliant with your city's sanitary department, you need a reliable sewer lateral line (or sewer pipe) on your property. But if your sewer line isn't secure, you can experience strong sewer odors in your home and wastewater leaks in your yard. If the problems in your sewer pipe persist, it can make you noncompliant with your city. Here are two problems you may experience if your sewer lateral line is broken or damaged. [Read More]

4 Improvements for Plumbing Repairs to Prevent Water Damage and a Flooded Home

There are many ways that water can get into a home and cause damage, but often this damage is caused by problems with plumbing installations. When your plumbing problems cause water damage, you want to do improvements that help prevent water damage and a flooded home. You may want to consider solutions like installing a dry well for exterior drainage, adding backflow prevention devices, and upgrading the sump pump system to protect your home from future damage. [Read More]

Reasons Not To Install A Water Heater Yourself

When you need a new water heater, you may think you can install the unit on your own. There are several reasons why it's best to hire a professional to install your water heater for you. Here are reasons why you should not install a water heater yourself. You might buy the wrong size of water heater If you buy a water heater that is too small to meet your family's needs, you'll end up with a unit that may not supply enough hot water to sufficiently meet your daily needs. [Read More]